ReFashion Passion


ReFashion Passion


We support up-cycling! Help save the planet by refashioning a thrifted garment or a give a garment in your closet new life. This class is a 3-day series. In the first session, we will meet at Texas Thrift Store on I-35 to talk about how to wisely select a garment and the deconstructing plan for your garment, whether you choose one from there or you bring one you already have. The second and third sessions, we will meet at Lockstitch & Lustre to give that garment a make-over. Please note, depending on the complexity of your desired change, you may have homework (such as seam ripping) in between sessions or you may need to book a private lesson to finish the project, if you desire a bunch of changes.

Prerequisite: Must have experience sewing garments from a pattern. Basic alteration knowledge is a plus, but not required.

Length of class: 1 session of 2 Hrs & 2 sessions of 3.5 Hrs (9 hrs total)
Price: $145
Max #: 3 students
Instructor: Channy

Date Options:
If you chose the “Future Date” option, we will notify you to book a time!

Bring with you to the 1st class:
- Tape measure
- Notepad and pencil
- Garment(s) from home, if you're planning to refashion it. Best to bring more than one option to choose with the instructor.
- Seam ripper
- Fabric scissors

Bring with you to the 2nd & 3rd class:
- Sewing machine, unless you're renting one of ours
- Selected garment
- Sketch of your desired design, optional
- Empty bobbin
- Fabric scissors
- Tape measure
- Straight pins
- Seam ripper
- Thread snips
- Safety pins
- Fabric marker or fabric chalk
- All-purpose thread to match garment

Need a rental machine for class?
Please add a home sewing machine rental ($5) to your cart.
Machine rentals can be found on the Home Sewing Classes product page.

Please read our cancellation policy before enrolling.

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