Flat Pattern Design II Series


Flat Pattern Design II Series


You've drafted some basic patterns and now you're ready to add more techniques to your pattern making skill set. In this class, all students will use the same size for the basic torso and sleeve blocks so that the focus is on learning additional techniques, such as collars, kimono, dolman, and raglan. We will sew muslins for some of the pattern manipulations. 

If you desire to create a customized block to your measurements, you may use lab time to work on that.

There will be sewing machines to use in class when needed.

Prerequisite: Must have some sewing experience on a sewing machine, and basic bodice and skirt block pattern making skills. See the description of what we cover in Flat Pattern Design I Series.

Length of class: 4 weeks (8 sessions of 3 Hrs, plus optional Lab time on Sundays)   
Price: $500 (Payment plans available. Email info@lockstitchandlustre.com)
Max #: 4 students
Instructor: Channy

Mondays & Wednesdays, with optional lab Sundays, February 18-March 13, 6:30-9:30pm

Bring with you to class:
- A spool of 100% polyester thread
- Pencil
- Notebook to write notes
- Eraser
- 2” x 24” gridded see-thru ruler
- French curve
- Hip Curve
- Notcher
- Awl
- Tracing wheel (for pattern making, not garment making)
- 4 yards of muslin
- Fabric scissors
- Tape measure
- Dressmaker straight pins

Please read our cancellation policy before enrolling.

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