Flat Pattern Design I Series


Flat Pattern Design I Series


This beginner pattern making class is intended for both home stitchers and fashion design students. You have design ideas, but don’t know where to start in making them a reality. In this class, you will learn the basics of drafting a pattern, which is used in sewing to cut pieces for a garment! All students will use the same size for the basic bodice and skirt blocks so that the focus is learning fundamental techniques, such as dart manipulation, slash-spread, pivotal-transfer, pleats, gathers, style lines, contouring, and adding fullness to aid in the design process. We will sew muslins for some of the pattern manipulations. If you desire to create a customized block to your measurements, you may use lab time to work on that.

There will be sewing machines to use in class when needed.

Prerequisite: Must have some sewing experience. Garment making experience preferred, but not required. 

Length of class: 4 weeks (8 sessions of 3 Hrs, plus optional Lab time on Sundays)
Price: $500 (Payment plans available. Email info@lockstitchandlustre.com)
Max #: 4 students
Instructor: Channy

Mondays & Wednesdays, with optional lab Sundays, January 21-February 13, 6:30-9:30pm

Bring with you to class:
- A spool of 100% polyester thread
- Mechanical Pencil
- Notebook to write notes
- Eraser
- 2” x 24” gridded see-thru ruler
- French curve
- Hip Curve
- Notcher
- Awl
- Tracing wheel (for pattern making, not garment making)
- 3 yards of muslin
- Fabric scissors
- Tape measure
- Dressmaker straight pins

Please read our cancellation policy before enrolling.

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